Karl's publications


eircom eFibre NGA
Presentation at ILUG AGM
February 2013, Dublin


MythTV in Ireland
January 2010


Ph.D thesis, University of Cambridge
September 2005


eircom i-stream ADSL
January 2003


eircom's i-stream ADSL
Presentation at ILUG AGM
June 2002, Dublin
IP Multicast Peering
Proceedings of IIR Multicast Conference
January 2002, London


eircom IP Network
Presentation to TCD MSc NDS Course
December 2001, Dublin


Internet VPN
Communicate 3.2, Broadcom Technical Journal
February 1998


Java and the Amiga
Amiga Computing
June 1997, Issue 113
Marimba's Castanet
Communicate 3.1, Broadcom Technical Journal
March 1997
The Classroom of the Future
Proceedings of 1997 USELINUX Conference
January 1997, Anaheim CA


Managing Enterprise Networks
M.Sc. thesis, Dublin City University
September 1996
Java and the Amiga
CUGI Newsletter
July 1996
MBONE - The Multicast Backbone
Communicate 2.2, Broadcom Technical Journal
May 1996
First Steps Amiga Surfin'
Bookmark Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1-85550-007-8
May 1996
Amiga CU-SeeMe
CUGI Newsletter
January 1996


Java(TM): Programming for the Internet
Just Amiga Monthly
December 1995, Issue 58
The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
Just Amiga Monthly
August 1995, Issue 56
The New Amiga Logo
CUGI Newsletter
July 1995
A Framework for Network Independent
Application Development with David Muldowney
Communicate 2.1, Broadcom Technical Journal
June 1995
Unix for nothing - NetBSD/Amiga 1.0
Just Amiga Monthly
January 1995, Issue 51


The World Wide Web
Telecom Eireann Technical Library
October 1994
Come into my parlour - The World Wide Web
Just Amiga Monthly
September 1994, Issue 48
Getting connected with AmiTCP
Just Amiga Monthly
August 1994, Issue 47
GVP 4008 SCSI Controller
Just Amiga Monthly
April 1994, Issue 43
GVP IOExtender I/O Card
Just Amiga Monthly
February 1994, Issue 41


GadToolsBox V2.0
CUGI Newsletter
July 1993
Amiga to SCART Cable
CUGI Newsletter
April 1993


CUGI Newsletter
October 1992
Intel Inside!
CUGI Newsletter
July 1992
An Enhanced Communications Package for Amadeus
B.A.(Mod) thesis, Trinity College Dublin
June 1992
Modems Made Easy
CUGI Newsletter
January 1992


The A2320 Display Enhancer
CUGI Newsletter
October 1991

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