Amiga to SCART Cable

Karl Jeacle

April 1993

I think the last time the CUGI newsletter had an article on how to make up an Amiga to SCART cable was back in September 1990. Unfortunately, there were a few errors in the article which can lead to some confusion for anyone attempting to make up such a cable. I discovered this first hand recently when I wanted to hook up my Amiga directly to the SCART socket on the back of my TV!

So, having sorted out the correct pin-outs, I've made up a table and diagram of how to make up your own cable. All you need is a DB23 Female Connector to plug into the Amiga, a SCART plug for the TV/Monitor (this cable will also work with a standard Philips CM8833 or CBM1084), and some 8-core cable to connect the two together.

Note that the DB23 and SCART connectors illustrated in the diagram below are shown from behind i.e. as you see them when you're soldering the wires to the pins. Scart diagram

SCART Side                      Pin     Pin     AMIGA Side
----------                      ---     ---     ----------
Red Signal In                   15      3       Analog Red (75 Ohm)
Green Signal In                 11      4       Analog Green (75 Ohm)
Blue Signal In                  7       5       Analog Blue (75 Ohm)

Composite Video In (75 Ohm)     20      10      Composite Sync (47 Ohm)
Composite Video Output Common   17      16      Video Ground

Audio In Left Channel           6       -       Left Phono
Audio In Right Channel          2       -       Right Phono
Audio Ground                    4       -       Left + Right Phono


From: Roy Antonsen
To: Karl Jeacle
Subject: Amiga to scart
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 14:08:21 +0100

Hi there Karl. I found an interesting piece about making a Amiga to
scart cable on your homepage, but I didn't get it to work, the TV was
all black, no picture. I found that some TV's has to be initiated to
accept the RGB-signals, I found this on, you have to apply
9.5-12V to scart pin 8 to set i to 4:3 AV mode, and apply 1-3V to scart
pin 16, and ground to pin 18 to set the TV is driven by the RGB signals
and composite sync signal on scarrt pin 20, then it work perfectly!

Best regards,

Roy Antonsen,
Trondheim, Norway.