An Enhanced Communications Package for Amadeus
Karl Jeacle

B.A.(Mod) Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin
Final Year Project, May 1992
Supervisor: Dr Vinny Cahill


This report describes extensions to the Communications Subsystem of the Amadeus Kernel developed at Trinity College Dublin.

In the Amadeus system, the CS provides the communication services necessary to carry out all remote operations. Inter-kernel communication in Amadeus is accomplished through message passing between corresponding kernel components of distinct kernels. The Inter-Kernel Message protocol is a lightweight message transaction protocol, which provides the necessary support for reliable communication between kernels.

Currently, the IKM has been implemented above UDP/IP on Digital Equipment Corporation's Ultrix 4.2 and Sun Microsystem's Sun0S, on MicroVAXes, DECstations, and SPARCstations.

Download thesis: 398K PDF file or 108K gzipped postscript file.

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