Managing Enterprise Networks
Karl Jeacle

M.Sc. Computer Applications, Dublin City University
August 1996
Supervisor: Mr Brian Stone


In the last few years, managing, connecting and internetworking local and wide area networks has become an increasingly difficult task. Gone are the days of 10Mb Ethernet and X.25 --- today we face Switched Ethernet, 100-Base-T, FDDI, ISDN, Frame Relay, SMDS and ATM. Network devices which implement these technologies are increasing in complexity, while networks which use them are growing at a rapid pace. Good management is now an essential component of any enterprise network.

This thesis examines the issues faced by network managers given the task of managing today's enterprise networks. It provides an overview of current LAN and WAN technologies, and the type of products available which help manage these networks. It explores the relationships between, and explains the merits of, enterprise networking protocols from both standards bodies and the computer industry. It also profiles industry groups such as the Desktop Management Task Force.

Finally, the impact of new technologies such as the Common Object Request Broker Architecture and Internet systems such as the World Wide Web and, in particular, Sun Microsystems' Java language are examined to assess how these technologies can impact the future of enterprise network management.

Download thesis: 1Mb PDF file or 373K gzipped postscript file.

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